Cells Project
Cells was created by a team of IT professionals of different areas, passionate about NFTs and community building. It is a collaborative project for NFT collectors, artists, enthusiast to share their art publicly and uniquely, as well as newcomers to NFT space. The Project is presented in a map divided into a collection of 29886 “Cells” with unique traits living on the Ethereum Blockchain as a ERC-721 Tokens. Ownership includes access to the each Cell’s playground, full commercial and creative rights of a cell, as well as merch, cross community events, future mobile app, and more.
We aim to connect NFT Enthusiasts by providing a unique way to share and keep a artistic profile alive in a larger community. It took months of brainstorming, planning, designing, and tuning to have a final product which is unique, appealing and secure. Our style is oriented on geometry and nature, but since we provide users customization tools it’s they who have a final say in the looks of them. The possibilities are endless.

Our Vision

    Thousands of NFT collectors having fun exposing and promoting their own NFT publicly in a unique and creative NFT-based environment.
    Zones being used in the map as creative billboards for our collaborators.
    A strong back-end community, involved in the passion of collecting and trading.
    A Community driven project where collaborations with other NFT projects is encouraged.
    Artist collectors and communities showing their stuff on Cells playgrounds.
    Thousands of “travelers” scouting the map skies discovering new talent in a unique way.

Features overview

    29886 cells distributed all around the world. Interactive, customizable and collectible.
    Cells Interactive map.
    NFT Playground inside each CELL.
    CELLS traits and location distribution is randomly assigned.
    Featured collection ZONES and CZ exclusive ZONES.
    Community events, rewards, and more.
    Community driven NFT acquisition to add it to the Cells collection.
    Specially designed zones for bigger project collaborations.
    Full ownership of your NFTs.
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